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Becoming a member of The Healthcare & Support Service will connect leaders from all over the country. The primary membership perks are listed below.




With more than 500 care providers and 250 medical staff, we’re the only healthcare service provider in the country with this reach.

Pillars for success! A world-class team of doctors with expertise in respiratory medicine and oncology backs us. We are the most prominent social care provider in Singapore, with a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver quality care.

We work round-the-clock to ensure we have the right professionals and resources on duty at any given time to keep your loved ones safe and happy.

The care home provider is a healthcare and social support organisation which provides residential or nursing care to people with physical, intellectual and mental disabilities.

The care home provider will provide the following services:

  • residential or nursing care
  • social work
  • social support
  • rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Specialist dementia care, including day centres and respite care.



Homecare that takes care of you

Homecare providers are the backbone of the industry. They are responsible for helping people with disabilities, seniors, and children in their homes. They provide emotional and physical care to those who need it.

A more and more popular alternative to staying in the hospital or transferring to a care facility is receiving treatment at home. You not only remain in familiar surroundings and prevent disruptions, but it may also be less expensive than residential care.

We offer quality homecare services at a fraction of the cost of a private nursing agency. We’re available 24/7 to help you with your needs, whether it’s medical or social support. Our nurses are friendly, professional, and experienced in their field.

Chat with us 24/7 for any questions you might have – no need to wait on the phone or email us back. Get updates from our nurses on how things are going on the ground before signing up.



Organisations or individuals that offer products, services, or consulting to homecare providers are eligible for affiliate membership.

Our partners are known for their world-class care and quality. You can trust that they’re here to serve you 24 hours, 7 days a week. We may arrange specific networking events to foster productive connections with owners of homecare service companies.

Dial us and get instant access to a registered nurse anytime, anywhere in the country. We partner with social service providers to ensure that you have all your needs met. We’ll help you find your loved ones or send help in an emergency.



Personal assistant and friend in one

We live with you, know what you’re up to, and can help with anything from scheduling appointments to doing quick research on symptoms.

Access anytime, anywhere.

Keep track of your health with us—we have covered your health issues no matter where you are.

Care minimised

Communicating with our experts is easier than ever- chat with real people on the app or over the phone anytime, day or night. No more waiting rooms and long waits- it’s all done securely from the convenience of your home.



Delivering the best-specialised quality patient care by collaborating with people and their families with medium- to long-term, complicated healthcare needs.

Our core conviction is that people, including their communities and families, should decide how they want to be cared for. We allow them to remain safe and sound, maintain their freedom, and provide a support system to help them realise their particular potential and dreams. In order to enable all of our team members to pursue fruitful careers in care, we are also devoted to their ongoing growth. 

We collaborate with you to comprehend your needs and build bespoke solutions to suit them. We offer advisory services, can work with a variety of health care and social support experts, and will be explicit about any suggestions for advanced professional participation.

Learn more about our offerings and the impact we’ve had on the people we help.



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