Our History and Future:

The history of our healthcare staff began 12  years ago in the United Kingdom. Healthcare staff (HC) a leading and fastest growing medical, nursing and health and social care recruitment agencies in the UK; providing a first class bespoke recruitment services to NHS Trusts, private medical and healthcare organisations and individuals alike. HCS was originally founded to deliver proven executive and staff sourcing methodologies into the health & social care field. With proven abilities to  sourcing finest talents within the industry, are specialists in this marketplace, Healthcare Staff quickly grew to be formidable recruiting company and in becoming a competitor in the medical, nursing, health and social care and health allied professionals field.

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Our Timeline:

Our history, growth and future aspirations are depicted the time line below:



Company was formed. Recruiting care workers and nursing staff 


First NHS contract Recruitment of doctors and nurses       


NHS Trust Contracts - Doctors, Nurses, Allied  Health Professionals


NHS Trusts & 2 Hospices Contracts – Nurses & Allied Health professionals


TrustEurope Contract Executive, Admin, Doctors Nurses & AHP


Crown Commercials Services - Health Professionals & admins 


Overseas Recruitment HO endorsement – All medical health professionals


International Office - india New Healthcare staff office       

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to providing superior staffing solutions has been unwavering since our founding. From the beginning, we have sought out the latest trends and technologies that will help us create the best possible outcomes for those we serve. We are constantly striving to stay ahead of industry advancements so that we can provide cutting-edge services for all clients. Our healthcare staffing company has built a solid reputation among both clients and personnel alike. Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who understand the unique needs of healthcare providers, and are able to quickly find suitable candidates for any position or location.

We also take great pride in offering competitive rates without sacrificing quality or service levels, so our customers can rest assured they’re getting value for money.

Our Future:

As we look towards the future, our aim remains unchanged – to improve upon our already impressive track record by continuing to provide superior healthcare staffing solutions. Our primary focus is on finding top talent that meets both the short-term needs of employers and long-term career goals of personnel; creating relationships between them that last for years to come. To this end, we have invested heavily in leading edge recruitment systems and innovative recruitment strategies throughout recent years. We also recognize that today’s healthcare employers need flexibility with regards to their staffing solutions;

something that serves as a key driver behind our commitment to offering both temporary and permanent placements nationwide.

Partnering with HCS:

Whatever your requirement may be (short or long term), you can count on us to deliver a reliable solution tailored specifically for you and your organization’s unique needs – no matter how big or small your project may be! That’s why here at Healthcare Staff, we are proud to provide comprehensive services ranging from full-time placements through short-term assignments, all backed by an experienced team devoted solely towards meeting your success criteria in each area they support.  Get in touch todays to discuss all your recruitment requirements.

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