Healthcare staff offers the chance to work in a setting where outstanding patient care is priority, to co-operate as part of a multidisciplinary team and develop advanced clinical skills and competencies.


We have a extensive diversity of Pharmacy and Allied Healthcare Professionals (AHP) jobs available so whatever your specialism is, there’s a good chance we’ll have a role to suit you.

Diagnostic Radiographers

You’ll provide a customer-focused, high quality diagnostic radiography service to our patients and service users, undertaking and performing all imaging procedures.

Therapeutic Radiographers

Play a vital role in the treatment of cancer. Manage the patient pathway through the many radiotherapy processes, providing the highest standards of care every step of the way


Deliver exceptional healthcare through the optimisation of medication management practices and the provision of evidence-based expertise across all clinical specialities.

Pharmacy Technicians

Play a vital role in the provision of medicines management and involvement in pharmacy care pathways either in a core pharmacy technician or extended role.


Work across all specialities, paediatrics, adults, outpatients and inpatients to promote, maintain and restore patients' physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

Speech and Language Therapists

Provide assessment and management for patients with communication and swallowing problems. Established Video-Fluoroscopy Swallow Study (VFSS) and Fibrotic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) clinics for swallowing assessment provide opportunity for professional development.

Occupational Therapists

Support people's health and wellbeing by optimising their participation in every aspect of their lives – from the way they care for themselves to the way they interact with others.

Hand Therapists

Oversee the surgical and conservative management of hand and wrist conditions using physical methods such as exercise, splinting and wound care.


Provide evidence-based nutrition assessment and intervention to support adult and paediatric patients with acute and chronic conditions undergoing care and treatment at HCA. Ranging from critical care to neurorehabilitation a broad range of clinical opportunities exist to develop competencies in enteral, parenteral feeding and general dietetic care.


Use specialist measuring and monitoring equipment to assess the function of organs and body systems, treat disorders and long-term illnesses

Audiological Scientists

Join our dedicated team that specialises in the diagnosis, analysis and treatment of human auditory disorders such as hearing loss, tinnitus and audio balance deficiencies.


Develop your skills and extend your experience with our ultrasound technology as you help assess patients and diagnose a wide range of medical conditions.


Become a key member of our Breast Screening team, completing mammographic imaging studies and presenting them for diagnosis.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

Develop your career alongside some of the brightest minds in this exciting field at the forefront of modern clinical medicine and technological development.

Play Specialists

Become part of an expanding team of play specialists who enable children, adolescents and their families to cope with their hospital experience.