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We are the UK's membership organisation for homecare providers. Together, we ensure that homecare services are appreciated so everyone can find comfort at home and prosper in their community. When you get in touch with Health Care Staff, we will take the time to hear about your requirements and offer our bespoke health and social support care package to suit them. We will ensure you have caregivers who provide you with the care you need. According to your needs and schedule, we can offer care anywhere between a few hours per day and week.


By assisting our customers in providing top-notch healthcare, our Board helps us better fulfil our mission of "exceptional services and a healthier community in the UK." Our board members have a variety of backgrounds in business, law, medicine, consumer engagement, finance, and health care. They are a worthy addition to our organisation because of their notable achievements in their respective sectors.

Health Care Staff offers assistance with daily living. This kind of social support care service is perfect for clients who still want to be independent and live their best lives but may require assistance in some areas. With the help of our recruiting process, our healthcare professionals can offer a social assistance care plan to suit your needs, whether you are living alone, with a spouse, or in sheltered housing. You may require assistance once or twice a week with household chores, getting ready for bed, cooking, or conversation. Our employees have received training in medication administration as well. If your family or spouse is now your primary care, we can offer you a rest break. If you are a medical healthcare provider looking for a smooth hiring process to recruit Doctors, GPs or other medical professionals, we also offer career advice. 


Every action we take revolves around the needs of our members.

Because of this, the majority of the members of our Board are chosen by member organisations. They serve as our ambassadors and promote us and our work. It also comprises essential senior staff and renowned members of the homecare industry. 



  • We are a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and an accredited CyberEssential as well as an ISO-certified Recruiter (ISO 9001:2015 QMS)
  • We conform to the standards of quality as per the guidelines of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  • We will shape and influence homecare-related research, policy, and practice while promoting innovation and enhancements in quality and productivity. 
  • We will be intellectual leaders on a global and national scale.
  • We function as the framework’s guardians, ensuring that the legal, financial, administrative, and national policies are appropriate and cohesive regarding the health care standards.


As a professional association that focuses solely on assisting organisations that provide home-based support and care, we continue to build on our distinct position in the industry by recruiting exceptional medical professionals and sourcing them to healthcare facilities. Our mission is to assist members in anticipating the future of health care and setting up their care services to take on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

We will be honest about our capabilities and of others, and when required, we will develop strategic partnerships with other organisations with similar but separate goals or regions.

We approach our job with a scientific proof strategy, collecting, analysing, evaluating, and integrating data to make valuable knowledge and information. We focus on assisting our members in enhancing the effectiveness of their care services and business success through the following: 

  • Advocating for their objectives
  • Offering evidence-based professional advice and guidance
  • Linking members with other organisations to assist them in accomplishing their goals



We have partnered with numerous integrated care service providers to establish a reliable and convenient recruiting process. At Health Care Staff, we ensure to provide our partners with the best and most talented medical professionals for their healthcare facility. The valued clients we have partnered with are as follows:

  • NHS North Central London (Integrated Care Board)
  • East London Health and Care Partnership
  • NHS North West London (Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • North West London (Integrated Care System)
  • South West London Integrated Care System
  • South East London Integrated Care System
  • NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough (NHS Foundation Trust)
  • NHS Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes (Commissioning Collaborative)
  • Richard House
  • Great Ormand Street Hospital



We have various options for you to start or advance your career with us as one of the significant providers of healthcare opportunities in the UK. We represent organisations that provide care to people in their homes on a professional level. Our success depends on the talent and drive of our workforce, over thousands in the UK.

We help you in achieving the following incentives in a healthcare facility: 

  • Higher salaries
  • A secure, healthy, and dynamic work environment
  • A company with individuals eager to improve the welfare and health of everyone
  • training and professional development
  • Flexible employment possibilities
  • Assistance with relocation
  • Bonus for new nurses
  • Paid leave
  • Discounted hospital, medical, and health insurance services
  • Program for Work Facilities